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Terms and Conditions

General Regulations

Use of accomodation and its services functioned by Servicer (Servita Manorhouse Apartman) is regulated by „General Agreement Conditions” (GAC).

Individual agreements do not represent part of present GAC, they are subject to individual agreements with tour operators, organizers where the conditions may be altered.

Data of Servicer:

Name:        EVAT Egri Vagyonkezelő és Távfűtő Zrt

Address:    3300 Eger, Zalár J. u. 1-3.

Correspondence address: 3301 Eger, Pf.:98

Telephone: +36/511-788

Fax:            +36/516-017

E-mail:        evatzrt@evatzrt.hu

WEB:          www.evatzrt.hu


  Parties of the Agreement

Services provided by the Servicer are used by the Guest. In case the order for the services directly comes from the Guest to the Servicer, the Guest is the contractant. The Servicer and the Guest become contractants (further Parties) in case the conditions of the agreement are fulfilled.

In case the order for the services comes from a third party (Intermediary) on behalf of the Guest, the Servicer is not obliged to check whether the third party is a legal representative of the Guest,so the Intermediary and the Guest are equally liable to the Servicer.


 Ways and conditions to use the service

The Guest may choose the suitable vacancies from the calendar on the homepage of the Servicer. (http://www.servitaudvarhaz.hu).

 The Guest can choose from the vacancies on the homepage but it does not mean direct booking. Servicer confirms availability of the given period in one work-day and gives information about further steps of booking by email.

In case the time chosen by Guest is not available any more, Servicer gives suggestions on other available dates instead of confirmation.

In case the dates cosen by Guest are available, Srevicer informs Guest that booking will be definite if 20% of the total price of the booking, but at least 10000 HUF, is transferred to the bank account given by Servicer as deposit, on the condition the deposit is entered in the given bank account within 3 workdays. In case the deposit is not credited, or not in full credited to Servicer’s bank account in 3 days after having chosed the date, Servicers offer-liability is ceased and the booking is considered not existent.

About final booking Servicer sends confirmation via email, by which confirmation a written agreement is created between the Parties. Items involved in present General Agreement Conditions always represent part of the Agreement.

The Agreement concerning use of the accommodation – service is for a specified period.

In case Guest leaves the room permanently before the expiration of the defined time, Servicer is entitled to the full price of the agreed service. The room vacated before the expiration time Servicer is entitled to resell.

Precondition of occupying the room – service is that Guests prove their identity. Nobody is permitted to stay in the apartmans without registration.

Written agreement of the Parties is required to modify or supplement the Agreement.

Check-in, check-out

Guests are entitled to occupy the room from 14.00 on the day agreed.

Guests must vacate the room until 10.00 of the day agreed.

Early check-in and late check-out is subject to previous agreement of the Parties.


Servicer is entitled to changing rack rate without previous notification. In case Guest has booked accomodation and booking has become definite (deposit has arrived within 3 workdays to the bank account given by Servicer), Servicer is cannot change this accommodation price. Current prices of Servicer are available on homepage of Servita Manorhouse Apartment (http://www.servitaudvarhaz.hu ).

VAT is included in the prices published, but do not contain Tourism Tax (payable on arrival). Servicer may shift extra charges occuring from alterations of valid taxation (VAT, Tourism Tax) to Contractant following prior notification.


Cancellation goes as follows:

 Cancellation is free up to 30 days prior to the confirmed day of arrival.

 In case of cancellation over 15 days prior to the confirmed day of arrival 100% of the deposit, if cancellation is within 15 days prior to the confirmed day of arrival 100% of the.total accommodation fee is payable to Servicer.

How to pay

Fee of the ordered services may be paid on the spot in cash, by bank card accepted by Servicer, by bank transfer or SZÉP travel card.

In case of bank transfer Guest must transfer fee of ordered services  to the bank account of Servicer prior to arrival in the way that the designated amount be credited in the given bank account prior to the arrival or transfer is attested in an irrevocable declaration issued by the bank of the Guest.

  Bank cards accepted at the hotel:




By the acceptance of General Agreement Conditions Guest acknowledges and accepts that Servicer issues an invoice about fees payable and any amount paid to Servicer by Guests. pro-forma invoice is sent by post.

When issuing the invoice about paid or to be paid amounts Servicer relies on data given at online booking or when booking is done by e-mail, telefax or telephone, the data given by the booking person. These data (name. address, tax registration number if necessary) are written on ’Buyer” section of the invoice. Guest can ask for modification of the given data until the arrival of the deposit, however, following it it is not possible.

Servicer issues the end invoice based on the data given at the booking and the invoice is given to the guest on departure, or on request it is posted to a given postal address.

 Other expectations

According to Law 1999. year XLII. in protection of non-smokers Servita Manorhouse Apartment is a non-smoker institution, therefore in rooms (including the apartmans as well) of Servita Manorhouse Apartment smoking is forbidden.

 Pets are not allowed in  Servita Manorhouse Apartment.

 Legal aspects

Any legal dispute of the Parties arising from the Agreement is subject to the exclusive authority of Legal Court of Eger.