Történeti Tárház


Eger műemlékekben gazdag környezetében található a különleges hangulatú kiállítóterem, melyben Tóth Sándor magángyűjteménye látható.

A kiállítás elődeink fegyvereit hivatott bemutatni, az őskortól az 1948-49-es szabadságharcig. A lő- és szálfegyverek, szablyák, kardok és egyéb kiegészítők 20 vitrinben foglalnak helyet. A bemutatott fegyverek eredete és egyedisége minden gyermek és felnőtt figyelmét felkelti.

Museum of Fire Fighting


The Museum is a unique institution in Hungary, affording great pleasure for children and grown-ups alike with its attractions of trade history, culture and tourism, presenting the historical values of the past in combination with the technical elements of our age.

The playground in the backyard of the Museum offers fun for the children, while the nearby benches provide an excellent opportunity for rest or picnicking. In the workshops of the Play House the children can participate in handicraft activities, or even try themselves as firemen in a playful way.

Bitskey Aladár Swimming Pool


Bitskey Aladár Indoor Swimming Pool was opened in 2000. The building designed by Imre Makovecz is unique in Europe, due to its wooden structure and special architectural solutions; and has hosted many famous sporting events. The needs of athletes and other guests are served by a swimming pool with a surface of 1000 m2, a practice-pool and a jacuzzi. Apart from all there, our gym, cosmetics centre, café and playhouse for kids is welcoming all young and adult guests who would like to relax after swimming.

Termal Spa


The Thermal Spa Eger/Egri Termálfürdő was opened in 1932, and it has been one of the most beautiful, and most popular spas of Hungary ever since. The beautiful green area is a real paradise for all guests looking for recovery, sports or entertainments.

The experience-island with its 7 pools and various sporting facilities is located only a few minutes from the city centre, and has direct entrance to the Turkish Spa as well. Athletes will love the competion pool, our elderly guests and those who would like to enjoy the healing effects of our spa can choose the big pool filled with 28°C water with a hint of radon, or the thermal pool with its 37°C thermal water with sulphur. Our youngest guests will never forget the castle-pool, venue for huge water-fights. Younger adults can find their favourite from the half-open entertainment-pool's fourteen various recreational facilities.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Thermal Spa Eger is the best destination for the whole family, so why don't you come and try it yourselves?

Turkish Spa


There was a Turkish pasha, Pasha Arnaut, who had a beautiful spa with golden cuppola built in our town, so that mohamedans could have bath and pleasant conversations. This wonderful spa is still here, although after several renovations, and is still awaiting its guests with six pools, and high-quality wellness and healthcare-services.

The thermal water containing radon springs under the stones we can see at the bottom of three pools: the Turkish pool, the „Mirror pool" and the „Sparkling pool" (that has been named after the neverending stream of bubbles coming up in the water). There are three more pools in our Spa, all equipped with the most up-to-date entertainment elements.